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Sorry for the lack of updates - we're out of business in 2015!
We will resume our activity in may 2016!
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DIMI RICH - is a new project from collaboration of Ukrainian producer/multi-instrumentalist Dimitry Pavlovsky and producer Taras Lasur.
The creation of this project took a relatively great deal of time in relation to the work with Majesty Of Revival band, in which Dimitry plays guitar. Therefore, giving most of the time the band, the album will be released only now.
What is actually interested in this album?
Well, firstly, this is the first solo work, where Dimi is not only a performer of the guitars but also, a lead singer of the project.
Secondary, no less surprising was the experiment with electronic sound. It is worth noting that co-produced the album became Taras Lazur, which is mainly engaged in filling the rock guitars all sorts of synthesizers, keyboards and other synthetic instruments and bringing their sound into a single unit.
Maybe here lies the mystery of the name of the project "Rich", indirectly indicating exactly the riches and the immensity of the sound on this album. Mastering of the first album took place on the other side of the ocean, in Quebec, Canada.

DIMI RICH album called 'COLOSSAL ORDER' out 30/06/2016 via Massive Sound Recordings with AMADEA Records/The state51 Conspiracy as well as Medival Records support.

Amazon http://goo.gl/DziEvb
juno http://goo.gl/ZEEIJB
Bandcamp http://goo.gl/QVwNaK
juno http://goo.gl/ZEEIJB
Nimbitmusic http://goo.gl/aMWhs1

FOLLOW project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimirich/


Ukranian Epic/Sympho/Black/Doom Metal project GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA set to release new album 'DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR via Medival records/Massive Sound Recording on 30/06/2016!


The tracklisting can be seen below:

01. Poplars In The Storm 
02. Megalomania 
03. Nevytske Castle
04. Purple Spring
05. Staff Engineer From Hell
06. Painting From The Fear
07. Poplars In The Storm II
09. November String 
09. This Is The Story 
10. The Rats Fight For Right to Light
11. Forgotten Arena


Single available as streaming/download/CD
http://grotesqueorchestra.bandcamp.com/More digital links to come!


Ukranian metal four piece Majesty Of Revival could never be told they weren't focused. They took a year away from all other band activities to focus on the recording of their new album. A year, line-up changes and a handful of experiments, successful and otherwise, and the resulting record,Dualism, is done. You can listen to the first single from the album below, a track titled Darkest.


Dualism will be released on June 25th via More Hate Productions/Awal UK LTD/Massive Sound Recordings. The tracklisting can be seen below:

1. Deadlock

2. Awaken

3. Alive

4. Inner Dimension

5. Darkest

6. Failure

7. Days

8. Wolfheart

9. Tongue

10. Perfection

11. When The Night Embrace

12. Serenity

13. Dualism

14. Same Blood


Single available as streaming/download/CD



Constants And Variables - debut album of Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist

Andrew Lehnovsky.
The album consists of 10 ubermelodic, virtuoso, non-typical constructed compositions directly related to the mood of author and with unique conceptual story line based on various works of art and practical sciences, which, though described instrumentally, but lead into thinkings about different things through process of listening!
Release date: 17.01.15
Pre-order digital version here:
CD version will be available from spring 2015
Recommended for fans of: TesseracT, Devin Townsend, Nightingale, Dan Swano, Angel Vivaldi, Shokran!


The second album by Ukrainian Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal band Angel Of Nature " The End Of The Times" out 20 of october as a digital edition on Medival Recors!
Dont hesitate - order here:
amazon.com/end of times


First Korzo full-leight album "Polarity" out via Black Candles Distro/Rec
on June 23 worldwide as CD digipack version and tape K7/Vinyl version.
Digital version of this album out via Medival Records on June 23.
Info about vinyl version/merch coming soon.

Also debut Korzo EP "Long Way To Shore" out via Medival Records as digital version on june 9!


New E.P. by Russian one-man metal band Metal Styx out 27 of may worldwide!
After successful debut album "Магический Амулет" Metal Styx release new E.P. "
Curuvar Firtalion"!

"Curuvar Firtalion" out 27 of may as Standart Edition (5 tracks) on Bandcamp store, 5 june as digital edition (4 tracks) on iTunes etc. Release date of CD Limited Edition with bonus track will be announce soon!

The new EP featured five tracks:
1. Curuvar Firtalion
2. Vila Urulókenya
3. Закат цвета Крови
4. Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)
5. Curuvar Firtalion (Heavy Metal Version)

The lyrics of first 2 tracks are often in the elvish language Quenya.
Feel the original Symphonic Folk Metal style!

Metal Styx on web:

Stay in touch for details!


Especially for the Christmas!!!!
Check out new Grotesque Orchestra single "Nevytske Castle", from upcoming album "Delusion Of Grandeur" to be released via MEDIVAL RECORDS in 2014!

Listen, download and share the single on Soundcloud:

Or check it out on YouTube:


Grotesque Orchestra are:
Ґrotesk: Music, lyrics, keyboards, orchestral arrangements
PowerSquad (Majesty Of Revival): Guitars
Nortti (Vintergata, Funeral Moon, ex-Morbid Violence) : Vocals
+ guest musiciants:
Vasily Gorshkov (ex-Колизей, ex-Натиск, Vintergata) - Drums
Alexey Zakharov (Vintergata, Funeral Moon) - Bass
Alexander Yasnev - Classical guitars

Grotesque Orchestra on the web:

Merry Christmas For Everyone!


IRON GODS - second album from MAJESTY OF REVIVAL, Ukrainian prog/power metal band. Brilliant Symphonic power metal with really heavy riffs and absolutely demented guitar solos. You will transport into a futuristic landscape of chaos and outer reaches of the power metal genre. From hard rock, through heavy riffs with neoclassical vibration's to thrash/speed metal sound band create their unique style.
Jouni Nikula (Requiem, Altaria, Jack The Frost) and Magnus Nordh (Majestic, Time Requiem, Blind Faith) are guest musiciant's on MOR second album.

 Nameless Guest 06:05  
Lost Empire 07:08
Wicked Game 07:31
Iron Gods 11:20
Mad Song (bonus) 04:13

Album Release by Power Prog Records (World), Metalism (Russia) in collaboration with Medival Records(UA)/Real Media Music (UK).

The European release date is 30/11/2013
World - 17/01/2014.

Follow M.O.R. band on:
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/majestyofrevival
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MajestyORevival/
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/majestyrevival
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/majestyofrevival
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/majestyofrevival
Jango Radio: http://www.jango.com/music/majesty+of+Revival


MAJESTY OF REVIVAL guitarist Dimitriy Pavlovskiy has announced that his new solo album, "PowerSquad - "From The GlassVoid", is ready for release.


Dimitriy says about new album:

At the beginning of recording my 2nd solo album, I thought it would be a simple straightforward CD in my discography. But now, at the end of working long and hard on this album, I feel this CD turned out much stronger than I anticipated. Composed a year ago and updated throughout the recording sessions, the new album is just amazing!!!


Album Released on CD by SUBLIMITY RECORDS and digital by MEDIVAL RECODS, 13/09/2013


Pre-order album here: 

or go to the Medival Records Store!